Monday, 14 May 2012

Former CID Headquarters - The 13 cells

Situated along Eu Tong Sen Street are a cluster of old blue buildings surrounded by fence. Built some 30 to 40 years ago, this is where the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters were situated.

After their new headquarters were established at the nearby Cantonment Road, CID shifted away from here and it was handed over to the Police Licensing Division. The Licensing Division, too, has moved to Cantonment Road shortly after and this site has been left vacant since 1996.

In the five-storey main building, the first level was perhaps the most famous with its 13 cell rooms that had countless of hardcore criminals locked up during interrogations. Throughout the years, there are persisting rumours that the cell rooms are haunted due to past suicides of the criminals.

It was also reported that in 1990, a police officer shot himself inside the toilet on the third floor.
Today, the first level of the main block of the former headquarters, which are owned by Singapore Land Authority (SLA), is opened to the public and immediately attracts interest from various organisations. Some are keen to hold events like Halloween parties, while others intend to organise exploring trips in this forgotten place of more than one decade.

SPI( Singapore Paranormal investigators) was proud to be one of the organizer in 2011. We were invited to do our investigation in the infamous 13 cells and one of the toilet that the police officer shot himself.


investigation in the cold room

Saturday, 5 May 2012

pasir panjang outpost 1936

This outpost stands at the highest point of then Pasir Panjang Ridge, Point 270. This outpost was an important installation as it overlooked area like Alexandra where the British had a military hospital (Alexandra Hospital), Gillman Barrack, and ammunitions, fuel and food depots. Besides that, Jurong, Bouna Vista can be seen from there too.Over the years, nature had started reclaiming its territories, and quite hard to spot it.
A World War II outpost on Kent Ridge. The ridge - then Pasir Panjang Ridge - had been defended by the Malay Regiment in a battle that lasted for two days ending on 14 February 1942 on Bukit Chandu - a battle that saw a valiant fight put up by members of the regiment led by Lt. Adnan Saidi who was brutally killed on Bukit Chandu.

It was on the 14th of February 1942, after beating a hasty retreat to Point 226, that a certain Lt. Adnan bin Saidi of ‘C’ Company of the 1st Battalion of Malay Regiment and his comrades found themselves hopelessly defending a strategic position which we commonly refer to as Bukit Chandu or Opium Hill today against the force of an all-out assault on it by the Japanese Imperial Army in one of the last battles to be fought before the surrender the very next day.

The position defended the Alexandra area where the British had their ammunition and supply depots and a military hospital (Alexandra Hospital). By the late afternoon, the position was lost after fierce fighting at close quarters – Lt. Adnan and several of his comrades were killed in the most brutal of fashion and events then took place that made a very dark day an even darker one when Japanese troops in pursuit of the few surviving members of the Malay Regiment and Indian troops, stormed Alexandra Hospital and massacred scores of innocent medical personnel and patients. Over at what is the Singapore General Hospital today, 11 medical students from the King Edward VII Medical College were also killed by artillery fire on the same day – 10 of whom were attending the funeral of one of the students who was killed that morning.

below are some of the photo i took during my reece..

My Girlfriend going up the narrow staircase

Thursday, 3 May 2012

History of Fort Serapong

It was a friday night, we met in a group of four and head towards sentosa Fort Serapong, when we took the bus into sentosa. our long jounery of walking begin..

Fort Serapong was built by the British army in 1879, atop a hillock called Mount Serapong on Pulau Blakang Mati (now resort island of Sentosa). It was modernised a few times, the last being in the 1930s. Serapong is a huge network of batteries, tunnels, underground rooms, lookout posts, supporting buildings and even its own water collection system. Essentially a self supporting defence post.

Two gun batteries were built on the top of Mount Serapong, but there was a military presence here years before a coast battery was constructed. The hill was then an infantry redoubt. The first Battery, in 1885 consisted of two Mark VII 8-Inch BL Guns. These were replaced in 1913 by two Mark X 9·2-Inch BL Guns. Some remains of the 8-Inch Battery still exist, including the Casemates and Magazine. These were later modified and used for the 9.2-Inch Battery, of which substantial remains exist.

All over the site, you can see danger signs telling you to keep out as the structures and ground is unstable. We watched our footing carefully as we explored the area. We managed to spot many abandoned structures and gun placements / turrets. Most of the fort seems to have been reclaimed by nature.

During WWII, Serapong saw little action. Serapong was used to fire on ships in the harbour only a few times, before itself, along with other forts and batteries were shelled and damaged by the Japanese. Here are some examples of underground structures, rooms, and bathrooms that once seerviced the soldiers during WWII.

When the British forces
surrendered, all the batteries were abandoned. Some of the guns were destroyed by the British just before they withdrew. But what happened to the batteries during Japanese Occupation I believe isn’t clear. Now Serapong is like a ruin, complete forgotten, save for some people who know of it’s existance.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Do Yin Yang Eyes really exist?

Seeing ghosts has been a prevalent talk about topics. Around you, it is likely to have one or two friends claming to have this ability wheather is real or not. Yin Yang Eyes ( a chinese term to mean eyes that can see ghost).

A way to test the faked Yin Yang Eyes is very simple. just get more than one of those Yin Yang Eyed people to a cementery and see their sightings are consistent. quite often they are not. many may even run away. not dare to face such test. Most of them described the apparitions that they can see merely a shadow. Some say they are of a translucent form. Few even told that they are just people like us who walk, sit and talk to them.

In a general belief, a ghost is the energy that is freed from the body after death. All things have energy. Energy can not be destroyed. When you die, the energy that you now have (the spirit) is released. some people believe that ghosts are around us all the time and only sometimes can be seen. whether you see them or not, they are everywhere. Those who have sixth sense can feel their presense.

More questions follow. Do YinYang Eyes really exist? And why do only some people have that? It may only be answered by a "radio receiver" theory. Each person is actually a receiver of the signals or energy that a spirit gives off. sometimes the signal can be tuned in and other times cannot.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Deeper understanding of Paranormal

What is paranormal? It is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation such as telepathy, aliens, UFO, apparitions, ghosts hauting, parapsychology and many more. Quite often these phenomena live with us, intervene among our activities and encounterd by many.

SPI( Singapore Paranormal Investigators) is set up to find the true behind paranormal, debunk the myths, and crash the false claim. only by eliminating the fakes we could be closer to the truth.

SPI was first established in June 2001 by Dr. Kenny Fong to conduct serious study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena.

Kenny who is an ex-professor from NTU with in-depth experience in scientific research, plus other members who are knowledgeable in many paranormal cases especially the local ones, have made SPI arising fast as a well-known legend in Singapore.

During that time, media exposures have helped SPI ever popular to the public due to its unique attitudes in the serious research towards paranormal. Unfortunately, some ex-members left the team and retired.

Today, SPI is resurrected with great efforts by its original founders and some capable new elite members. By following the same SPI mission, our new team has become only better than ever.